Celfinet The New Brand of Excellence

Celfinet introduces new redesigned logo and slogan

Celfinet introduces new redesigned logo and slogan

Celfinet has reached a new level of international excellence which led to a brand evolution. A redesigned logo and slogan focused on the notoriety conquered throughout the years. More than ever the connection between the two parties: client and Celfinet, thinking and doing, are clearer.

The colors grey and blue are used as symbols of technology and reliability, with a solid and affirmative expression. The lettering has a strong execution with the font chosen with capital letters, which translates into a greater affirmation.

The new logo clearly identifies Celfinet presence in more than 100 countries, in notoriety and recognition due to the performance of its solutions and its professionals.

More than “Sharing knowledge” we assume excellence in human and technical resources and customer relations. All of that with determination. Outstanding networks.