VISMON V3: Enhanced usability and network management capabilities

VISMON V3: Enhanced usability and radio network management capabilities

Mobile networks are more complex than ever. Our Network Management Solution is powered to overcome the challenge.

Digital transformation is pushing Telecom Operators into countless challenges. In 2018, due to the wide offer of smartphones and low pricing in Tier 1 markets, the number of subscribers has reached 5.135 billion for mobile phone usage. Associated with easy access pre-paid plans, 4.021 billion people are using the internet and 3.196 billion connected to social media. Furthermore, the global mobile data consumption reaches 17 exabytes on a monthly rate. Such numbers result in an increasing demand for a high-quality user experience on mobile networks.

Mobile networks are increasingly complex. And despite multiple angles to be self-managed, they are not. Traditional approaches consume far too many resources, as it requires high numbers of specialized individuals on a daily basis to ensure the best network performance. This process is expensive and has high inefficiencies.

Therefore, in such a fast-paced and evolving industry, new solutions are required.

Mobile Network Operators need to do more with less to maintain a high-quality service and continue to expand.  In other words, they need to provide the best QoE at the lowest competitive price while reducing operating costs. That’s why we evolved our VISMON into V3. To enable a new operational efficiency trend in the market, by automating manual tasks and simplifying network management.


What is VISMON?

VISMON is a virtualized radio network management software that brings end-to-end value to operators. It provides visibility and control over energy consumption and RAN configuration. As well as QoE benchmarks against competitors using drive test and crowdsourcing data.

Our platform is the adopted choice of many tier-1 telecom groups, delivering efficiency gain, control of costs and automation of daily management activities.


What’s new in V3?

Our team of Telecom expert engineers has developed new compelling features and made improvements regarding VISMON’s user interface.

Designed for User Experience

A fully re-designed landing page was introduced, allowing direct access to all the modules available. Along, a new sidebar and easy switch across the different feature sets without losing the task and activity context.

Engineered for Simplicity and Objectivity

In Vismon Manager, new available thematic maps for 4G data visualization (PSS and SSS) and additional customization possibilities to suit Configuration Management to your needs.

Vismon Observer comes with new dashboards for intelligent detection for overshooting cells. Not to mention, drive test campaigns comparison and KPI analysis and target fulfillment across multiple critical polygons.

Vismon Energy now allows to measure and optimize HVAC, free cooling, and other environmental variables such as temperature and humidity, storing long-term thermal data.


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