CELFINET Investment Growth Winner at the DIT Business Awards 2018

CELFINET wins "Investment Growth" title at the DIT Business Awards 2018

British Government recognizes CELFINET’s investment efforts at the DIT Business Awards 2018.

On its 10th edition, the DIT Business Awards acknowledged 15 Portuguese companies that have chosen the UK as an investment destination. As well as British companies in Portugal, some of which are direct investors. In the end, celebrating the commercial relationship between the two markets and awarding the entrepreneurial effort of all participants.

The event took place at the British Ambassador’s Official Residence in Lisbon with the presence of some of the biggest company’s representatives. On behalf of the British Government, Andrew Mitchell, Commissioner for Trade in Europe and Christopher Sainty, British Ambassador in Portugal held the awards ceremony.

This year’s edition highlighted Barclays, Colt and Severn Lamb on the New to Market category. Meanwhile, the technology group Cohort stood out with the Overseas Investment award.

On the Overseas Investment and Export Growth category – Claranet and WElink Group – were the final title-holders.

Regarding the International Expansion category, some of the Portuguese winners include Bial, Glintt and Novabase.

Proudly, CELFINET, due to its ongoing investments in the UK, was awarded with the Investment Growth title on this year’s edition. Along with Critical Software, Group Petrotec and Telcabo.

CELFINET wins "Investment Growth" title at the DIT Business Awards 2018

The past few years, CELFINET has strongly contributed to the British landscape with a growing office in London. CELFINET is enrolled in continuous collaborations with UK tier-1 Telecom companies, universities and research centers. Likewise, participating in local industry events, always sharing its knowledge and innovative solutions.

Nuno Ribeiro, our CEO, stated:

“We’re beyond honored to hold the Investment Growth title attributed by the British Government, as our efforts in the United Kingdom have been resourceful the past few years. Our growing team has been extremely active on the British market introducing solutions to mobile networks and participating in local technology events. The return of such investment has been positive and today acknowledged.”