Meet our newest project: GARMIO

Meet Celfinet's newest project - GARMIO

In collaboration with Fraunhofer AICOS, CELFINET is developing a solution for tracking mobile signals indoors.

As a user, how often do you struggle to get access to mobile services at parking lots, elevators or large-scale buildings? Too often.

Not to mention, most of our time is spent indoors. Putting a tremendous weight in mobile operators’ shoulders. After all, they need to provide a first-rate mobile experience in areas with difficult access to mobile signals.

With that said, the process of planning and optimizing cell tower locations for indoor coverage can be a challenge. Considering that the registration of signal variations is done by car, most of the data that is collected corresponds only to areas where vehicles can operate. Which doesn’t include indoor spaces.

To address this issue, CELFINET is developing GARMIO. A software library that can be integrated into the operator’s own mobile apps. A powerful web-based solution that centralizes and tracks data from different settings.

GARMIO will allow a precise georeferentiation for cell signal data from mobile devices in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Without requiring any GPS data!

Taking advantage of smartphone sensors, GARMIO can estimate the user’s location and even define mobility patterns. As it can have a huge influence on optimizing user experience. Using these sensors, GARMIO will register mobile signals with higher accuracy, linking coordinates and activities to signal strength indicators.

We strongly believe that, in the near future, this technology will also be useful in targeted advertising and indoor navigation systems.

In partnership with Fraunhofer AICOS, we aim to deliver a solution that can simplify the process of tracking indoor mobile signals. In the end, protecting the quality of mobile user experience while reducing costs.