Key Features

  • Detailed Network Inventory from OEM’s OSS
  • Policy Design, Audit and Implementation
  • Network and Business Intelligence, accessed via analytics engine, dashboards and a full GIS interface

Transform RAN management.

Correlate structured data to your decision making.


Multiple OSS data feeds


Automated configuration analysis and inconsistency detection


Outputs corrections reestablishing network to its optimal state

Network Module

  • Visualize full Network topology, including RAN Share environments
  • GIS, Analytics and Lists formats
  • Keep track of Hardware and Software inventory, controlling installed boards, licenses and activated features
  • Identify configuration changes through time, with historical data

Integrity Module

  • Engineering team can define RAN policy rules for all parameters
  • Design rules can be set at parameter level, for network elements in geographical area or service class (Motorway, Special Event, etc.)
  • Perform network parameter compliance audit against policy definition, and generate EMS scripts to be directly actuated in the corresponding RAN vendor’s OSS
  • Perform Network Health Checks in order to verify that key configurations are compliant with operator’s established best practices

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