Key Features

  • Powerful drill-down analysis using Tableau-based business analytics platform
  • Full set of benchmarking features with predefined or user-created dashboards
  • Root cause analysis pin points the reason and location of the problem, using a comprehensive GIS platform
  • RF diagnosis algorithms for automated and proactive problem detection
  • Events logs provide detailed information for troubleshooting and issue correction


Network Performance and customer experience


Visualize performance using customer reports


Improve QoS

Benchmarking Module

  • View QoS/QoE KPI’s and Benchmarking algorithms to assess Network Performance at a KPI level.
  • Drill-down and assess the network’s QoS/QoE performance spotlighting the worst geographical (outlier) areas per KPI’s per geographical areas.

Explorer Module

  • Browse, search, select and access log files for further in-depth analysis
  • Filter and download reporting results from the reporting database, where the most relevant RAN engineering data is aggregated per each voice or data call

Diagnosis Module

  • Automatic self-detection algorithm providing analysis to support Radio Access Network Engineers
  • Configurable Algorithms with user editable input parameters to support Radio Engineering Analysis
  • Algorithms Results categorization by Radio Damage Rank, gives Radio Engineers quick actions prioritization
  • User friendly GeoMap Interface view algorithm results

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